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We offer our services for simultaneous and/or consecutive interpretation in any combination of English and Spanish. For collective bargaining sessions, conference and conversations, seminars and workshops, legal depositions, trial courts and other public bodies. The Administrative Office of the United States Courts certifies our interpreters and most of them also have their Masters Degree in Translation from the University of Puerto Rico.


Our Background

This specialized organization evolved from what initially was a partnership of United States Certified Court Interpreters, who detected a need for specialized translations during the 1970's. The founding partners of CTI realized that, due to the numerous and diversified cases in litigation at the Federal Court, there was a need in Puerto Rico for more than just legal translations. In the cases they assisted with, they were required to translate and interpret thousands of pages of evidence which, while related to the cases at bar, comprised a wide range of subjects, both within and without the limits of legal terminology. Thus, since the late 1970's CTI has been serving attorneys and others users of legal translations, in addition to clients of great many other fields.


Fields Of Expertise

Our staff is experienced in the following topics:

Civil Defense

, including equipment and procedure
Corporate business and structures
, law enforcement and police work Education Engineering in all branches
: life, casualty, health, dental, property and other risks
Labor: organized labor, labor practices, labor relations, arbitration and collective bargaining
Law: military law, criminal law, common law, admiralty, civil rights, and constitutional law
Management: general management and administration; personnel management
Medicine, general and specialized, including instrumentation
Training and training management
...and many other fields

Delivery Of Finished Product

This is done in accordance with the clients's instructions. CTI will deliver in any form or format requested, from a "hard copy" printed on paper to an electronic copy on an individual videocassette. The client specifies the delivery format and CTI then bills accordingly. CTI's finished work does not read nor sounds like a translation, but as if it were originally published or issued in the new language.